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Bell Mountain Self-Guided Tour

Quick Details

Slingshot Automatic Up to 2 People or 575lbs. • All passengers must be able to have their feet touch the floor while sitting.
Slingshot Manual Up to 2 People or 575lbs. • All passengers must be able to have their feet touch the floor while sitting.

Explore the majestic landscape of Bell Mountain in Hiawassee, GA!

Embark on a scenic adventure with North Atlanta Slingshot Rentals as we guide you to the breathtaking Bell Mountain, followed by a delectable lunch at Hiawassee Brew.

Route Highlights:

Start Your Journey:
Kickstart your adventure from 4835 Buford Highway, Peachtree Corners, Ga 30071, where your Slingshot is ready to lead you through the picturesque landscapes of North Georgia.

Bell Mountain Ascent:
Navigate the winding roads as you ascend to Bell Mountain, a natural gem offering panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness. Feel the excitement as you approach the summit.

Bell Mountain Exploration:
Park your Slingshot and explore the beauty of Bell Mountain. Take in the fresh mountain air, absorb the stunning vistas, and capture memories against the backdrop of this majestic landscape.

Scenic Drive to Hiawassee:
Descend from Bell Mountain, enjoying the scenic drive towards Hiawassee. Let the landscapes unfold as you make your way to the charming town.

Lunch at Hiawassee Brew:
Arrive at Hiawassee and indulge in a delightful lunch at Hiawassee Brew. This local brewery offers a warm ambiance and a menu featuring a variety of craft beers and delicious cuisine. Relax and savor the flavors of the region.

Leisurely Exploration of Hiawassee:
After your satisfying meal, take a leisurely stroll through Hiawassee. Explore the town’s unique shops, soak in the local charm, and discover any points of interest that capture your attention.

Homeward Bound:
As the day winds down, embark on a leisurely ride back to North Atlanta. Reflect on the natural beauty of Bell Mountain and the culinary delights experienced in Hiawassee.

Tips for a Memorable Expedition:

Check the opening hours of Hiawassee Brew and plan your lunch accordingly.
Pack a camera to capture the scenic beauty of Bell Mountain.
Bring spray paint to tag the mountain!
Enjoy the local charm of Hiawassee by exploring its shops and attractions.