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Fort Mountain State Park Self-Guided Tour

Quick Details

Slingshot Automatic Up to 2 People or 575lbs. • All passengers must be able to have their feet touch the floor while sitting.
Slingshot Manual Up to 2 People or 575lbs. • All passengers must be able to have their feet touch the floor while sitting.

Explore the archaeological site at Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, GA!

Prepare for a captivating 6-hour adventure with North Atlanta Slingshot Rentals as we guide you to the historic and scenic Fort Mountain State Park.

Route Highlights:

Starting Point: North Atlanta Slingshot Rentals
Kick off your journey at 4835 Buford Hwy, Peachtree Corners, GA 30071, where our top-notch Slingshots are ready to whisk you away on an unforgettable experience.

Suburban Serenity:
Cruise through the tranquil suburbs, escaping the city buzz and immersing yourself in the serenity of the countryside.

Mountainous Escapade:
As you leave the suburbs behind, traverse winding mountain roads, embracing the thrill of the ascent towards Fort Mountain State Park.

Historical Pause at Fort Mountain:
Arrive at Fort Mountain State Park, known for its ancient stone wall of mysterious origin. Take the time to explore the archaeological site and learn about the history that shrouds these ancient stone structures.

Hiking Trails and Overlooks:
Park your Slingshot and venture onto the park’s hiking trails. Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, and ascend to breathtaking overlooks offering panoramic views of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Picnic Break:
Take advantage of the park’s picnic areas. Unpack a delicious lunch, soak in the natural surroundings, and savor a meal amidst the beauty of Fort Mountain.

Leisurely Return Journey:
As your day at Fort Mountain comes to a close, embark on a leisurely ride back to North Atlanta. Reflect on the historic and natural wonders you’ve encountered throughout the day.

Tips for an Enriching Excursion:

Wear comfortable shoes for exploring the trails at Fort Mountain State Park.
Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it at one of the park’s scenic spots.
Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly for an enjoyable day outdoors.