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Black Rock Mountain Self-Guided Tour

Quick Details

Slingshot Automatic Up to 2 People or 575lbs. • All passengers must be able to have their feet touch the floor while sitting.
Slingshot Manual Up to 2 People or 575lbs. • All passengers must be able to have their feet touch the floor while sitting.

Explore the scenic beauty of Black Rock Mountain Park in Mountain City, GA!

Prepare for an epic 6-hour journey with North Atlanta Slingshot Rentals, as we guide you through the scenic beauty from the heart of Atlanta to the majestic Black Rock Mountain Park. This self-guided tour promises awe-inspiring landscapes and the joy of cruising through the open road.

Route Highlights:

Kickoff from North Atlanta Slingshot Rentals:
Start your engines at our rental hub, located at 4835 Buford highway, Peachtree Corners, Ga 30071. Our Slingshots are geared up and eager to hit the road for an unforgettable adventure.

Suburban Serenity:
Navigate through the suburban charm of North Atlanta as you head towards the serene landscapes awaiting you.

Pit Stop in Mountain City:
About halfway through your journey, take a breather in the welcoming town of Mountain City. Revel in a delightful lunch at one of the local eateries.

Scenic Mountain Roads:
As you leave Mountain City, brace yourself for the ascent to Black Rock Mountain Park. Enjoy the winding roads and captivating mountain views that surround you.

Black Rock Mountain Park Arrival:
You’ve arrived at the crown jewel of your adventure – Black Rock Mountain Park. Park your Slingshot and immerse yourself in the natural beauty. Take a hike, explore the park’s trails, and witness breathtaking panoramic views from the summit.

Thrilling Descent:
Begin your descent from the mountain, savoring the twists and turns of the road as you make your way back to North Atlanta.

Tips for an Epic Day:

Pack sunscreen and essentials for a day of exploration.
Capture the stunning landscapes along the route with your camera.
Make reservations for lunch in Mountain City to ensure a seamless experience.
Embark on this 6-hour North Atlanta to Black Rock Mountain Park expedition, where every turn promises a new adventure. Revel in the freedom of the open road and the sheer joy of driving a Slingshot!